Harry Styles in Hammersmith

Harry must have been reading all those emails I sent. My dreams finally come true!

Some poor deluded souls have been camping out for three nights  to get right to the front. Imagine how upset they’ll be when they realise how small the venue is! I hope they love it and the happy memories last longer than his solo career.

TripAdvisor Backfire

[Originally published on http://hopkins.blogspot.co.uk/ on 19/11/2014]

You have to hand it to the owners of the Broadway Hotel in Blackpool. They fined a couple £100 for writing a bad review on TripAdvisor. On a £35 room. They may as well just have closed their business down.

The couple was on the BBC morning breakfast show this morning bitching about why they didn’t enjoy their stay. Is the hotel going to fine them again. Maybe for £1000.

And of course, you can’t just apply random card charges – whatever you put in your T&Cs. I imagine their card processor will not think more than twice about removing their account. I wouldn’t want to be the PR guy from their card processor when some radio station wants them to explain why they haven’t shut them down yet.

Power to the people!