My cat Sooty ?

Hi, I am Zoë. This blog is about my family’s three cats. To start with:

This is my cat Sooty
Zoe’s cat Sooty

Today we took him and his brother,


to the vets to get their vacations. Sooty was a very good boy and went obediently into the cat carrier. Let’s just say that Angel didn’t live up to his name. He was more like a devil!

Did you know that when cats are scared, they make funny meowing noises that sound like a baby crying!

We also have another cat,


She is a Burmese and is still living at the amazing age of 17!

Bye for now!?

Zoë ?

5 Replies to “My cat Sooty ?”

  1. This is my blog and I hope you like it!
    Please post a comment telling me how good or bad you thought it was and if there is anything you would like me to blog about next you could comment about that too.

  2. Brilliant stuff. And do remember that despite the name, thanks Amy, Angel is actually a boy.

    The same problem still happens to me. Taxi drivers always think i’m stealing a ride from Gabrielle.

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